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Galaxy Life Beams Up Star Trek: The Next Generation

Galaxy Life Beams Up Star Trek: The Next Generation

Galaxy Life, one of the most popular titles within the strategy genre of Facebook games, is about to get a Star Trek: The Next Generation spin. Digital Chocolate will integrate the Enterprise and other TNG elements into the colorful and fun Galaxy Life, which will be available to players of the online versions on the Facebook and Spil platforms.

Players can deploy the Enterprise as a defensive “Shield Assist” item to protect their galaxies against meteor and rocket attacks from aggressors in the area. The Star Trek Enterprise Shield Assist can be purchased using premium currency or Facebook credits, and players can customize their Starling character by using the Starlingizer, so that their avatar sports assorted Star Trek uniformed apparel which can then be proudly shown off in the game and in social media channels.

Star Trek as a franchise is a multi-media, pop culture phenomenon,” Jason Loia, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Chocolate, said in a statement. “Exploring strange new worlds is a timeless fascination, and that plays into the core gameplay of Galaxy Life. Incorporating popular Star Trek elements will enhance the experience and creates something our players can get excited about.”

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