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Galaxy Class Reboot

Galaxy Class Reboot

“Let's make sure history never forgets... the name... Enterprise!” – Jean-Luc Picard

The Galaxy Class starships (the Tier 4 Exploration Cruiser Refit, the Tier 5 Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, and the three nacelle alternate universe counterpart, the Galaxy Dreadnought Cruiser) were some of the first starships Star Trek Online ever released for purchase. The T4 Galaxy Refit comes with an Antimatter Spread Console (originally used against the Borg in “TNG: The Best of Both Worlds”), as well as unlocking the slick new Venture Class costume variant. The T5 Galaxy Retrofit comes with a Saucer Separation Console, which introduced the first time we saw saucer separation in the game and arguably the first time anything like this has ever been seen in any MMO. The T5 Galaxy Dreadnought comes with its devastating integrated Phaser Lance and a Cloaking Device Console, as seen in The Next Generation series finale “All Good Things.” To this day, these remain some of the most popular ships is STO – undoubtedly due to their iconic stature.

Galaxy Class Refit

It’s been a long time since the STO team has taken a close look at these ships, though it wasn’t for lack of desire. When we released the Enterprise-F Odyssey Class, we developed new technology that allowed players to separate their saucer while the ship was still in motion. The reconnect sequence became much more refined, and utilized the player’s actual geo and material choices. The older Galaxy saucer separation would bring your ship to a full stop while separating and the reconnect sequence featured a generic Galaxy saucer that didn’t reflect the player's ship customization choices. From that moment, we wanted to apply what we learned from the Odyssey to the Galaxy. But game developer desires always far exceed their schedules, and every time we would get close, bigger priorities took precedent.

Over the last year, STO has seen some phenomenal growth. The game has matured in astounding ways, and so has our team. One of the most important things the team wants to do is go back and address old issues. One issue that was dear to us is bringing the Galaxy ships up to speed, and now we can. I am happy to announce the following changes:

•    Saucer Separation – Saucer Separation now uses the new separation technology as seen on the Odyssey. You can now separate while in motion, and your returning saucer will match your ship customization. The sequence is generally smoother and richer. You can even continue to fire while separating.

•    Galaxy Dreadnought Improvements – We have updated the Galaxy Dreadnought stats to bring it in line with other Dreadnoughts. o New BOff seating – The Galaxy Dreadnought’s Ensign Tactical BOff seat will become an Ensign Universal BOff seat. o Hangar Bay – The Galaxy Dreadnought will now have one Hangar Bay Slot, equipped by default with Type 8 Shuttles. It can equip any standard Federation hanger pet. o Saucer Separation – The Galaxy Dreadnought will finally support Saucer Separation. The Galaxy Dreadnought does not come with the Saucer Separation Console, but if you own one, you can now use it on the Dreadnought. The separated saucer pet of a Galaxy Dreadnought has a more tactical flavor than the standard Galaxy Saucer pet. It is equipped with Dual Phaser Cannons, and a mini-Phaser Lance. o Phaser Lance Wide Beam – When the Saucer is separated, the Galaxy Dreadnought’s Phaser Lance standard beam becomes a Wide Beam attack (like a sawed-off shotgun). Damage is only slightly reduced, but the affect area is much larger. o    All existing Galaxy Dreadnoughts will be automatically fixed-up; however, you will not be automatically granted a Type 8 shuttle pet. You can either purchase one in the Hangar Pet store for Energy Credits, or dismiss your Dreadnought and reclaim a new one which will be fully outfitted with a Type 8 shuttle.

•    Set Bonus – The Antimatter Spread Console and Saucer Separation Console will enjoy a 2 piece set bonus. Equipping both on a ship will grant you: o    +20 Starship Starship Hull Plating skill o    +20 Starship Armor Reinforcement skill o    +1 Turn Rate bonus

•    Antimatter Spread on Saucer – As always, when equipping the Antimatter Spread console on any ship that supports saucer separation (any Galaxy, Odyssey, or Prometheus Variant), the separated saucer pet will gain the Antimatter Spread ability. This bonus will now also apply to the Galaxy Dreadnought.

•    Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought – The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will be available to any Fleet with a Tier 4 Shipyard. Like all Fleet ships, the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will enjoy the standard +10% Hull Hit Points and Shields, and a 10th console slot. It will come standard with an integrated Phaser Lance, and Hanger Slot, but will not come with a Cloaking Device Console (if you own a Cloaking Device Console Mod, you can equip it on the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought). The Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought will be available for 5 Fleet Modules or 1 Fleet Module if you already own the C-Store Galaxy Dreadnought.

•    New Galaxy Bundle – The Tier 4 Galaxy Exploration Cruiser Refit, Tier 5 Galaxy Exploration Cruiser Retrofit, and Tier 5 Galaxy Dreadnought will be available as a bundle for 4000 Zen. If you purchase the Galaxy Bundle, you can claim the Galaxy Bridge for Free in the C-Store.

Note: If you already own any of these Galaxy ships, the Galaxy Bundle will not be available for purchase.

Note: That the Tier 4 Galaxy Refit cannot use Saucer Separation, but as always, if you own the T4 Galaxy Refit, you will unlock the Venture Class costume geometry in the ship tailor for all Galaxy variants.

Note: The Turn Rate set bonus on the Odyssey and Bortasqu’ was increased from 0.5 to 1.

If you are a Star Trek Online600 Day Subscription Veteran, or Lifetime Subscriber, you can continue to choose to claim the Tier 5 Galaxy Exploration Cruiser Retrofit for Free Vice Admiral Ship Token.

As always, remember details are subject to change.

The above ships will become available around 10AM PST next Thursday, March 6th, 2014. More detailed stats for the Fleet Galaxy Dreadnought Cruiser will be posted in a Dev Blog next week.


Al “Captain Geko” Rivera

Lead Designer

Star Trek Online