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FIRST LOOK: U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330 From QMx

FIRST LOOK: U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330 From QMx

QMx is shedding light on its eagerly awaited upcoming product, the U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330. The U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330, with its distinctive ring-shaped engines, is a starship of myth, seen only as an illustration or painting -- until now. QMx will, late next month, present a very limited edition of this supposed precursor to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. According to the latest QMx newsletter, the team at QMx FX Cinema Arts -- the in-house artisan prop and model shop --  was asked to illustrate the history of starflight in the new Star Trek timeline for Star Trek Into Darkness.

"The 14 filming miniatures we created can be seen stretching across the credenza in Admiral Marcus’ office, starting with the Wright Flyer and ending with the U.S.S. Vengeance," notes the QMx newsletter. "In the History of Starflight collection, the XCV-330 fills the role of Earth’s first sub-light, interplanetary and interstellar space vehicle."

The new version of this historic starship will be for sale in a limited edition of just 25 starting November 29. Why that date? Quite appropriately, it's Black Friday.

Click HERE for additional details and to pre-order.