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FIRST LOOK: Starships Collection Star Trek (2009) U.S.S. Enterprise

FIRST LOOK: Starships Collection Star Trek (2009) U.S.S. Enterprise

Star Trek The Official Starships Collection, with their first special in UK stores this week and in the US early next year, has provided with an exclusive First Look at their next special: the Enterprise from Star Trek (2009).

Remember, it's a First Look; the model is still a work in progress.

The first J.J. Abrams movie introduced a new version of Matt Jefferies' classic, although this incarnation of the ship was much larger. The same is true for the diecast model, which will clock in at eight and a half inches long – roughly one and a half times the length of the regular models in the series.

The model will be accompanied by a magazine that takes a close look at how the movie’s art department reworked this iconic design. Included will be concept drawings and computer generated renders that show the evolution of the ship.

The Official Starships collection is available in selected retailers and by subscription. For more information visit

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