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FIRST LOOK: Starfleet Utility Uniform

FIRST LOOK: Starfleet Utility Uniform

In 2371 The Enterprise-D, The Defiant, and Voyager all had something in common: their crews wore the same uniform at some point during their respective series. And that was the workhorse of Star Trek’s costumes, the Starfleet Utility Uniform.

Designed for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by Robert Blackman, the Starfleet Utility Uniform was intended to be a hard-wearing, hardworking uniform. Its design was a direct contrast to the refined, mandarin collared version of the Starfleet Standard Duty Uniform worn on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Deep Space Nine was to be a darker setting with a crew that had to contend with hardship and conflict on the edge of Federation space. It was a place where the crew would have to occasionally push up their sleeves and get dirty, and that’s exactly how Chief O’Brien wore it.

By the time the USS Voyager was lost in the Delta Quadrant, the Starfleet Utility Uniform had, for the most part, replaced the Standard Duty Uniform aboard starships.  And while it would be replaced a year later by the grey shouldered, New Standard Duty Uniform, it would be worn by Voyager’s crew during their long journey home.

Anovos' new replica perfectly captures the look and feeling of this stalwart uniform. The Anovos team examined screen-used examples from DS9 and Star Trek: Voyager, as well as original patterns from the Star Trek costume archive. Available in Command Red, Operations Gold or Sciences Teal, Anovos' Premier Starfleet Utility Uniform uses the same high-quality, custom-milled and dyed wool gabardine as their TNG Uniforms and are duplicated perfectly from the original fabrics; they also include the Utility Uniform Undershirt.

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