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First Look: Star Trek Wall Graphics from LTL Prints

First Look: Star Trek Wall Graphics from LTL Prints

Kirk, Spock, Uhura, the Enterprise, Voyager, the space station Deep Space Nine -- and a whole bunch more iconic Star Trek figures, ships and images – are dry-docked in Philly right now, and they’re just about ready to be beamed over to your house… and onto your walls. That’s to say that Larger Than Life Prints – better known at LTL PRINTS – is set to launch a new wave of Star Trek wall graphics into the marketplace today, hot on the heels of the Star Trek Quogs they introduced in April.

So what will be available? Images of the main cast from TOS, the Enterprise in various situations (including trapped behind the Tholian Web) and the transporter room; the TNG Enterprise; Deep Space Nine in orbit, the Defiant, a Cardassian warship and more; views of the Enterprise in space from the Animated Series; the U.S.S. Voyager and Delta Flyer; and posters from all of the Star Trek features, including two of Star Trek (2009) and a gorgeous Character Shield Cut-Out that will be familiar to fans of the recent adventure.

“We're pleased to launch products from nearly every phase of the franchise's history,” LTL PRINTS co-founder Carsten Petzold told “Starting with newly released rendered artwork cutouts of the captain and crew from TOS, to ship and bridge shots from the TNG, Voyager and DS9. We're also offering up a handful of shots from the Animated Series and a full line of previously released Quogs. Finally we're pumped about offering the movie artwork in nearly any size, including custom requests.

“The best work, in my opinion, is the newly released super-high-quality rendered artwork from TOS,” Petzold adds. “These contour cutouts can be as large as seven feet tall and nearly four feet wide. In person they are stunning and they do an amazing job of capturing and leading your imagination. I am most excited about this collection. I grew up with TNG and have a soft spot in my heart for the Enterprise-D. That being said, I’m totally blown away by the character cutouts and Spock I is at the top of my list.”

All of LTL Prints’ products are printed on-demand on a self-adhesive fabric paper that will stick to almost any surface, including walls, windows and even ceilings. They can be removed and re-hung dozens of times without leaving a mark or damaging either walls or the prints. LTL Prints prides itself on using the best printing technology, eco-solvent digital inks and, Petzold notes, LTL PRINTS “selected this specific material out of everything on the market as it is the best for durability, value, texture and ease of installation. You don't have to worry about glue or paste or be a member of the professional wall paper hangers association to put these up. We don't print on vinyl or other products that can bubble, crack or curl. Also, all of our products are made in our Philadelphia headquarters and ship worldwide. Our vision is to create a company which enables photographers, artists and designers to create, buy and sell premium wall graphics.”

Prices will range from $14.95 for laptop-sized prints to $145 for oversized cutouts. Each print has a unique price point based on the final print size and aspect ratio of the image, and consumers will be able to determine the exact cost of their purchase before confirming payment.

“It’s been difficult to hold back how excited we are to show this off,” Petzold says. “The positive feedback we’ve received so far has been exhilarating. These are the moments we set out to create when we launched LTL PRINTS two years ago. We are bringing unmatched printing technology and quality to amazing digital assets.”

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