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First Look: Star Trek Urns from Eternal Image

First Look: Star Trek Urns from Eternal Image

Spock’s remains received a most-noble send-off in The Wrath of Khan, jettisoned into space in a torpedo casing. The ashes of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and Trek’s legendary Scotty are orbiting Earth even as you read this. And now, Star Trek fans determined to shuffle off this mortal coil with a Star Trek flair can do so, too, as Eternal Image – a manufacturer/marketer of officially licensed memorial products – has launched a line of Star Trek cremation urns.

There are two Star Trek-themed urns, one called "To Boldly Go" and the other named "The Voyage Continues." Each urn features a capacity of 190 cubic inches and is constructed from a composite blend of natural minerals, an etched stainless steel face plate and name scroll, and an image of the Enterprise printed on anodized aluminum, with the Enterprise visible through a cutout of the franchise’s signature Delta logo. A personalized nameplate can be affixed above the graphic.

“Eternal Image’s official Star Trek urn offers fans a unique expression of their love for the franchise,” Clint Mytych, president and CEO of Eternal Image, said in a statement. “We are especially pleased to be introducing this new memorial product to the public.”

The urns have a MSRP of $799 each and are available to order now at Osceola Memory Gardens Funeral Home and Cemetery.  After October 1, please contact your local funeral home for ordering.