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FIRST LOOK: Star Trek Trexels Game For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch

FIRST LOOK: Star Trek Trexels Game For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch

Are you ready to enter the Trexelian Expanse? Well, the time is now, as [x]cube GAMES and YesGnome have teamed up to introduce Star Trek Trexels, a mobile game that allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to enlist in Starfleet and command their very starship.

The game posits that a temporal rift has caused old enemies and surprising new allies to head into an uncharted region of space. And it’s there, in the 8-bit Trexelian Expanse, where players participate navigating a ship they’ve built and leading a crew they’ve selected. Along the way, they’ll encounter familiar Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation characters and locations, as well as new aliens, crew members and planets. The game also boasts music from The Original Series, a user interface based on the iconic LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) system and George Takei – Star Trek’s legendary Sulu – serving as narrator.

“We were really inspired by the spirit of the original series, especially the sense of exploration and adventure,” Craig Bolin, Senior Game Designer at YesGnome, said in a statement. “Our goal was not only to give players the opportunity to build and customize their own ships, but the chance to journey through an entire galaxy’s worth of strange new worlds and civilizations.”

“We’re excited for fans to experience the Star Trek universe in all of its pixelated glory,” Erika Winterholler, Director of Games for CBS Interactive, said in a statment. “We think that with the series’ original music, George Takei’s narration, and classic Trek scenarios, Trexels brings a truly authentic Star Trek experience to fans’ mobile devices.”

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