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FIRST LOOK: Star Trek Hot Wheels

FIRST LOOK: Star Trek Hot Wheels

The Hot Wheels Pop Culture Assortment pairs cool and classic Hot Wheels vehicles with popular brands, and for their latest mix they're paying tribute to Star Trek: The Original Series.

Captain Kirk with a '49 Ford C.O.E.

Spock with a '59 Chevy Delivery

Uhura with a '88 Jeep Wagoneer
Scotty with a Custom '52 Chevy

Bones with a '38 Dodge Airflow

Sulu with a Midnight Otto

The upcoming Hot Wheels Pop Culture Assortment -- Star Trek Mix will be available in mid-March. Each vehicle will feature a die cast metal body and chassis, Real Riders tire and a unique decoration (on the car and the packaging) devoted to the respective Star Trek character and executed in a kitchshy mid-century moder pop-art style. Designed for adult collectors, the vehicles will be sold separately, with each costing approximately $4.49.