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FIRST LOOK: Star Trek Bags, Accessories & More

FIRST LOOK: Star Trek Bags, Accessories & More

A Crowded Coop, which recently introduced its Star Trek: The Original Series Pet Product Collection to great accliam, is making its mark this week at Toy Fair in New York City by introducing several exciting new products for... humans. Among the upcoming products are three functional replica bags/accessories, including a Starfleet officer flight bag, Tribble coin purse and Tricorder cross body bag.

Also unveiled are two collections of bags and accessories that include Star Trek-themed backpacks, messenger bags, wallets and purses. The first group is an on-trend, comic-book-inspired all-over print and color-blocked collection

The second group is retro futurism-inspired, grounded in grey and black, with pops of Star Trek's iconic Gold, Red and Blue color scheme.

Additionally, A Crowded Coop, to complete the entire assortment, will be coming out with full-color printed coin purses and luggage tags that feature classic moments from The Original Series.

Keep an eye on for details about availability and pricing.