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FIRST LOOK: Officer's Formal Mess Dress Uniform

FIRST LOOK: Officer's Formal Mess Dress Uniform

The Officer's Formal Mess Dress Uniform was first introduced in Star Trek: Insurrection, and it brought a refreshing departure from the robe-length uniform ensemble formally in use throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, ANOVOS—utilizing production and screen-used pieces—is gearing up to make high-quality Formal Mess Dress Uniforms available to fans. To do so, ANOVOS has replicated the two-tone cream and gray waist-length jacket that features replicated piping and decorative details. These details and waist-length Mess Dress Tunic lent to a striking formal uniform that was a distinctive departure from the black and gray-mauve duty uniforms that debuted in Star Trek: First Contact and were used throughout the subsequent TNG feature films.

Details include:

  • Waist-length, fitted Mess Dress Tunic constructed from production and screen-used pieces.
  • Fabric color matched to production samples.
  • Two-tone outer shell featuring cream and gray style as worn by Starfleet officers ranked Commander and below.
  • Designed to be worn with high-waisted pant.
  • Replicated decorative piping detail.
  • Hidden zipper construction front.
  • Mandarin collar with color-specific division piping.
  • Color-specific division band at cuff.
  • Built-in shoulder padding.
  • Fully lined for maximal comfort.

The Officer's Formal Mess Dress Uniform will sell for $299.95 and should be ready in the near future. Keep an eye on StarTrek.comfor details about availability, and visit ANOVOS to pre-order and for details about their other Star Trek replica costumes and props.