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FIRST LOOK: New Ship Materials

FIRST LOOK: New Ship Materials

Greetings Captains. The folks here at the Cryptic shipyard have some good news for many of you. We're adding a few new materials to a large portion of playable ships. Keep reading to get the specifics.

With the release of the Mogh Class Battle Cruiser we introduced a new ship material. This material was originally going to be unique to the Mogh, but we decided the various Klingon Refits and special ships needed some additional customization options, and this new material was a perfect solution to that. It is also a pleasure to announce that we have added an additional material option to the Mogh. Much in the same way that the Federation Avenger Class Battle Cruiser has a black hull material variant, the Mogh is receiving a similar extra material as well. Please note, that this new material will remain exclusive to the Mogh (and fleet Mogh).

Klingon Ships

This addition of a special material to many purchasable Klingon vessels will be on par with the way special materials are part of similar ships of the Romulan Republic and Federation factions. Below is a list of ships that will unlock the new material upon claiming them. The variants of the ships listed below will thusly be granted the Type 3 material as well.•    B'Rotlh Class Bird of Prey•    Qaw'Dun Class Bird of Prey•    Ning'tao Class Bird of Prey•    HoH'SuS Class Bird of Prey•    Fleet HoH'SuS Class Bird of Prey•    Puyjaq Class Raptor•    SuQob Class Raptor•    K't'inga Class Battle Cruiser•    Vor'Kang Class Battle Cruiser•    Bortasqu' Class Battle Cruiser•    Korath Class Temporal Science Vessel•    Peghqu’ Heavy Destroyer •    Tu’Duj Fighter

You can find the new material in ship customization labeled as "Type 3" - If you already own one of these ships, you might have to reclaim the vessel from the in-game Zen store.

Federation Ships

But, that's not all. If you're a fan of Starfleet ships, that long-missing "Type 5" material is making a return. In an attempt to constantly update ship content, this material has been revamped, and added to all Starfleet ships, completely for free. Just head over to ship customization and check it out. This material will be available on all future Starfleet ships as part of the standard array of materials.

In the end, we are very happy with how these new materials have turned out, and hope that you enjoy them as well. Make sure to visit your local ship tailor when these go live (watch for Patch Notes)  and try these new materials on any of the vessels listed above that you own. The new ship switching technology introduced with Season 8.5 gives you the perfect opportunity to swap your ships out and catch a glimpse of these new materials in action.

Joining the fun at Star Trek Online is easy and free. Just visit, register for a free account and then download and install the game. Once you've done that, just log in with your new account and you're ready to discover the entire Star Trek Online universe. We hope you enjoy these new ship materials and we’ll see you in-game.

Ian “JamJamz” RichardsShip ArtistStar Trek Online