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FIRST LOOK: NECA/WizKids' Weapon Zero Premium Figure

FIRST LOOK: NECA/WizKids' Weapon Zero Premium Figure

“Before your primate brain is too badly damaged to understand, I want to thank you for helping us destroy your world.” –Xindi Reptilian Commander Dolim to Ensign Hoshi Sato.NECA/Wizkids will release the Weapon Zero Premium Figure in early 2016, bringing the Xindi to Star Trek: Attack Wing in a big way. has the exclusive First Look at this premium figure and its contents. The Xindi are the former multi-species inhabitants of the Planet Xindus in what is known as the Delphic Expanse. In the early 22nd century, following a civil war amongst the various Xindi species, the remaining Xindi races allied together with the enigmatic Trans-Dimensional Guardians. The Guardians themselves built mysterious cloaked spheres that caused the spatial anomaly that defined the Delphic Expanse. The Guardians instructed and guided the Xindi to build a super-weapon capable of destroying a planet to further their own secret goal of invading the galaxy. The super-weapon the Xindi created was named Weapon Zero.The first thing you will notice about the Weapon Zero Premium Figure is its size. The Weapon Zero Premium Figure measures 4” in diameter. This ship is huge, dwarfing even the Borg Tactical Cube. It is sure to attract attention of fans and opponents once placed on the map. The second thing that will catch your eye is the amazing amount of detail on this figure. Star Trek fans will want this figure not only for its amazing game effects, but also as a beautiful model fit for display.

The Weapon Zero Premium Figure includes 14 cards, 7 tokens and 1 maneuver dial. Looking at those cards in more detail, the Xindi Weapon can be played in two ways, either as Weapon Zero or a generic Xindi Starship. Weapon Zero is just what its name implies, a super-weapon. It has one extra Weapon Upgrade slot compared to the generic version and also gains the Battle Stations Action. The special ability on Weapon Zero allows you to roll one defense die for each hit or critical hit result rolled against your ship. This means, if you are very lucky, you can evade the entire attack thrown at you. Granted, this is not likely to happen very often, but you are likely to shrug off at least a few of the hits that come your way each time you are attacked. This will help ensure Weapon Zero is on the map for a long time and has plenty of opportunities to destroy those enemy ships. Dolim is the captain in the pack and has a special ability that allows you to discard a Crew Upgrade on a target ship, but it also reduces your Captain Skill for that turn. Degra is a Crew Upgrade that reduces the cost of all of your Xindi Weapon Upgrades. Additionally, you may discard Degra to obtain a Target Lock on a ship you are attacking. Cheap weapons and a free target lock when attacking should make Degra a highly sought after member of the crew.

Weapon Zero is raw firepower, designed to be able to destroy a planet; the prototype cut a straight line of devastation wide enough to be seen from orbit. To represent that tremendous firepower, Weapon Zero comes with an Elite Talent and two Weapon Upgrades that help maximize damage. Arming Sequence is an Elite Talent Upgrade that allows you to build up Mission Tokens that can later be used to add attack dice to your attack, allowing for one huge attack. While you are charging your super weapon in this fashion, you cannot perform other actions and your maneuver speed is limited to 1. Destructive Blast is a Weapon Upgrade that was made to work together with Arming Sequence.  Destructive Blast allows you to target all ships in a straight line up to Range 3. Attacking multiple ships with one attack is a powerful ability that demonstrates the true force behind this world-destroying super weapon. Staying out of your forward firing arc is probably the only good defense against Weapon Zero. Rotating Emitters is a Weapon Upgrade that will help to ensure that never happens. Rotating Emitters allows you to fire your weapon in any direction, proving that nowhere is safe from the fury of Weapon Zero.

Just in case you feel like Weapon Zero isn’t powerful enough, the Xindi still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Subspace Vortex is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to remove your ship from the map and place it anywhere that is not within Range 1-3 of an enemy ship. Whether you need a quick escape route or just some better tactical positioning, Subspace Vortex will be sure to get you where you need to be.  Finally, if you can find a way to defeat Weapon Zero, the Xindi have a plan to make sure they don’t go down peacefully or quietly. Self-Destruct is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to destroy your ship and deal 1 damage to each ship within Range 1. Any damaged ships must also discard an Evade, Scan, Battle Stations or Target Lock Token beside it. When Weapon Zero is destroyed it will try and make sure that as many enemy ships go with it making this the ultimate weapon in the galaxy.

The Weapon Zero Premium Figure also comes with a fun scenario entitled Destroy the Earth. Destroy the Earth is a playable mission that re-enacts the Xindi Attack on Earth.  Can you prevent the destruction of Earth or will the Xindi stand victorious?

With all of this raw power at your fingertips the Weapon Zero Premium Figure is sure to dominate your next Star Trek: Attack Wing game. Will you use its power to save the galaxy or destroy it?  You can find the Weapon Zero Premium Figure at your Friendly Local Gaming Store next month. Visit NECA/WizKids at for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing and visit to search for Organized Play Events in your local area.