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FIRST LOOK: Nana Visitor's New Movie, Hell of a View

FIRST LOOK: Nana Visitor's New Movie, Hell of a View

Former Star Trek: Deep Space Nine star Nana Visitor has completed production on her latest project, an indie drama titled Hell of a View. The film's writer-director, Ben Hickernell, sent several production shots featuring Visitor, and Visitor herself offered a few words about the film's plot and the experience of making it.

"Hell of a View is about Atlantic City and dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy," Visitor said. "It stars Hunter Parrish (from Weeds), whom I adore, and Victor Slezak (Treme) plays my husband."

Visitor noted that the script for the film, which also stars, Tim Daly and Ashley Hinshaw, struck her personally the moment she read it, having been in lower Manhattan during the megastorm that struck the East Coast last year. "I saw the Harbor and the East River smash together in the streets underneath my window," she recalls. "Funnily enough, as my husband and I crept out of our building to survey the damage the next morning, a woman asked me to tell her my experience of the previous night. After she thanked me is when my myopic eyes saw the "AP" (as in Associated Press) on her jacket. People from literally all over the world called me in the next few days to tell me they'd seen me on their news station. Why didn't I wear makeup!"

Keep an eye on for more news about Hell of a View as it nears release.