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FIRST LOOK: Enterprise-E and Vor'cha Set To Debut

FIRST LOOK: Enterprise-E and Vor'cha Set To Debut

Star Trek The Official Starships Collection has just released the first official images of issue 20, the Vor’cha-class Klingon Attack Cruiser, and issue 21, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E, and has exclusives First Looks at both.

The Vor’cha was the first Klingon ship specifically designed for Star Trek: The Next Generation. It made its debut in the fourth season episode "Reunion," when it was introduced as the Klingon Empire’s new flagship. The die-cast model is carefully based on the original studio model, and carries the original TNG paint scheme rather than the more colorful version that was used when the ship appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The accompanying magazine looks at how Rick Sternbach redesigned the classic Klingon battle cruiser for the 1990s and explores the writing staff’s plan to reinvent the Klingons as a cross between Viking and Samurai warriors.

The Enterprise-E is almost certainly one of the most eagerly awaited models in the series. This Enterprise was created for Star Trek: First Contact and was designed to be a tougher, sleeker and more advanced ship than her predecessor. Every time this Enterprise appeared there were subtle differences and the die-cast model is based on the CG version of the ship that was created for Star Trek: Insurrection. The accompanying magazine takes a look at John Eaves’ original design concepts and the complicated history of the physical and CG models that were used onscreen.

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