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FIRST LOOK: Attack Wing Wave 8 Ship, The Val Jean

FIRST LOOK: Attack Wing Wave 8 Ship, The Val Jean

NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8 in October, and has exclusive First Looks at the upcoming trio of ships, which we'll showcase in a series of three articles. Today, we shine the spotlight on the Independent Maquis Raider: Val Jean. The Val Jean is the perfect ship for a defensively minded player because it has a natural 3 Agility which can be further enhanced thanks to the ship’s special ability. Both Captains in the expansion allow for additional modification of the ship’s Upgrade bar. Chakotay will make great use of the Maquis Raider’s nimble dial, while Calvin Hudson provides a discount to your Upgrades when assigned to an Independent ship.

Seska returns with the ability to prevent attacks upon your ship while B’Elanna Torres increases her own ship’s attack capabilities. Tuvok allows the ship to move after it has performed an attack to represent the hit and run tactics of the Maquis. Finally, Kenneth Dalby will be useful in keeping the ship in the fight with his ability to repair Hull and Shields.

The Val Jean also comes with two Secondary Weapons to help opponents feel their presence in the DMZ. Photon Torpedoes greatly increase the attack power of the Raider while Ramming Attack can be used as a last-ditch effort to secure victory. Be Creative will allow players more flexibility in their action choices while Evasive Pattern Omega will allow a player to get into better position for the finishing shot.

Players will have to weigh their choices carefully as they outfit the Val Jean to undertake the Escape mission included in the expansion pack. Can the Maquis Raider safely maneuver through the Badlands while evading the pursuing enemy ship? Or will the freedom fighters be crushed by their oppressive pursuers?

Visit NECA/WizKids for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing, and keep an eye on for a preview of the next ship in Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 8.