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FIRST LOOK: Attack Wing Wave 11 Ship, Alpha Hunter

FIRST LOOK: Attack Wing Wave 11 Ship, Alpha Hunter

NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 11 in January, and has exclusive First Looks at the upcoming trio of ships, which we'll again showcase in a series of three articles. Today, we will look at the Independent Hirogen Warship: Alpha Hunter. The ship will be able to position itself for maximum usage, especially when captained by Karr, who will allow for re-rolls of attack dice and an additional attack die if facing a lesser skilled captain. Alpha Hirogen is also a solid choice when you want to make sure your attack potential is reached.

Turanj adds a Weapons Upgrade slot to your ship and can remove an ineffective captain and take control of the ship. The additional slot will allow a player to play both Weapon Upgrades from the expansion even on the generic Hirogen Starship. Photon Torpedoes make an appearance and players will be pleased when they can convert a Battle Station result to a Critical Hit. The Subnucleonic Beam adds insult to injury by forcing an opponent to suffer damage and disable Crew Upgrades in the span of a single attack.

The two Tech Upgrades provide additional options for your ship. Monotanium Armor Plating will help you shake an opponent’s target lock while Sensor Network will provide additional information on an opponent’s movements so you can better position your ships for combat. Intercept Course, one of three Elite Talents in the expansion, will also allow you to maneuver to a better position. Full Reverse lets you ignore your chosen maneuver and perform a Full Astern maneuver instead. Stalking Mode provides game-long benefits to your ship and is a great choice as you try to determine the worthiness of your opponent in the Worthy Prey mission.

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