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FIRST LOOK: Attack Wing Wave 11 Romulan Prototype 01

FIRST LOOK: Attack Wing Wave 11 Romulan Prototype 01 has the final First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 11 releases, and today we preview the Romulan Prototype 01, out this month. The nimble Romulan drone ship is very self-sufficient and can repair one Hull or Shield during the end phase of each round. While he cannot be assigned as the Captain of the drone, Valdore can be used to captain another ship in your fleet or he may be used as Gareb’s choice thus providing a 6 skill captain with an Elite Talent slot for only 1 squadron point.

Triphasic Emitters allow additional flexibility in regards to Weapon upgrades so they are not overlooked due to the many Tech upgrades in the expansion. Maneuvering Thrusters can be disabled to place an Evasive Maneuvers token by the ship. Multi-Spectral Emitters provides two additional defense dice to be rolled during the Roll Defense Dice step and using your Backup Sequencer to activate all of your Shield tokens will cause immense amounts of frustration for your opponent.

Propulsion Matrix boosts your ship forward into the fight while Reinforced Hull Plating cancels a hit or critical hit from an opponent lucky enough to score damage to your ship. When things look dire, activating a Core Overload might cause the damage needed to turn the tide, especially as you attempt to keep control of the neutral ship in the Destabilize The Sector mission.

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