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FIRST LOOK: Articles of Federation Preamble

FIRST LOOK: Articles of Federation Preamble's countdown to the release of Federation: The First 150 Years continues today with an exclusive First Look at an image from an all-important Star Trek document. It’s the preamble to the Federation Constitution, more formally known as the Articles of Federation. Read it closely and you’ll realize that the preamble has echoes of the Tribunal of Alpha III, the United States Constitution and the United States Declaration of Independence.

__________________Federation: The First 150 Years is loaded with intelligence reports, treaty excerpts and letters documenting the historic moments that led to the formation of the United Federation of Planets. Author David A. Goodman will examine everything from First Contact to the Organian Peace Treaty, with the text complemented by color and black and white illustrations of epic battles, alien species and heretofore unseen ship designs, among them the Romulan attack on Starbase 1 and original blueprints for the U.S.S. Enterprise and the Xindi Avian. George Takei, of course, provides the voice of Sulu for the audio narration, and fans can expect to find such detachable documents as a hand-penned letter from a young Jim Kirk and Zefram Cochrane’s first sketch of the warp drive engine.Click HERE to pre-order Federation: The First 150 Years.