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FIRST LOOK: ANOVOS’s The Next Generation Admiral’s Tunic

FIRST LOOK: ANOVOS’s The Next Generation Admiral’s Tunic

Been promoted out of your captain's chair and kicked upstairs as a glorified paper pusher? Well, fret no more because rank does come with its privileges -- and among them is a distinctive and authoritative uniform.

Presenting ANOVOS’s Premier Star Trek: The Next Generation-era Admiral’s Tunic.

Over the seven years of the show, the costume designers, chief among them Robert Blackman and his crew, presented no fewer than four different looks for Starfleet’s flag officers before committing to this uniform. The longest-serving of all the various Admirals’ uniforms, this one saw use in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, before all of Starfleet’s uniforms were changed for Star Trek: First Contact.

Made using the same construction, materials, and attention to detail found in our Premier Next Generation Uniforms, the Admiral’s Uniform boasts a few extra details befitting the rank of the officer wearing it, including antique gold soutache piping and dress-uniform length.

Finally, for the first time, ANOVOS has thoroughly researched, reengineered, and replicated the various flag officer rank insignias used (sold separately via a separate ordering page) with this tunic -- so that you can select the appropriate admiral’s rank for your uniform.

So, if your command extends not to one starship but many, then your uniform is here.

Visit for details. Estimated delivery will be in December, 2014.