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First Look: Anovos Unveils New Costume Replicas

First Look: Anovos Unveils New Costume Replicas

Anovos Productions teased – to tremendous excitement -- their then-upcoming line of Star Trek uniform tunics and dresses this past summer at Comic-Con, and now the tunics and dresses are a reality. Available soon, Anovos is offering four new Star Trek costume replicas: a TOS Red Shirt, a TOS Blue Dress, a Star Trek (2009) Blue Shirt and a Star Trek (2009) Red Dress.

The Red TOS Shirts feature the exact double-knit fabric from the original uniforms and are fabric-dyed to match screen-used samples from the landmark 1960’s television show. Each of the Red TOS Shirts includes an engineering patch and a single-sleeve ranking braid. The TOS Blue Dress, meanwhile, kicks off a line of TOS-inspired women’s dresses. Based on original, screen-used uniforms like those worn by Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura and Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as Nurse Chapel, the Anovos Women’s Dresses will be available in two design variations: first, a tri-cut pattern, and later, a more conventional panel cut.

Star Trek fans eager to sport the look of characters from the J.J. Abrams film can do so by beaming up a Star Trek XI Blue Shirt, just like what Zachary Quinto sported as Spock, or a Star Trek XI Red Dress, a la Zoe Saldana as Uhura. Anovos created both items in collaboration with Bad Robot and CBS/Paramount, utilizing many screen-used pieces from the recent Star Trek feature for reference, and by replicating the same dyeing/printing processes used by the manufacturer of the film’s costumes.

"We are absolutely excited to finally roll this first high-end replica costume out," said Joe Salcedo, CEO of Anovos. "With the support and access to the original hero screen uses pieces that Bad Robot, CBS and Paramount archives provided, this piece was a direct result of true collaborative teamwork. Because of this level of cooperation and partnership, the Star Trek fans will not be disappointed."

The TOS Red Shirt is priced at $275, while the TOS Blue Dress retails for $325. The Star Trek XI Red Dress is available for $340, and the Star Trek XI Blue Shirt goes for $290. Anovos products are available here. The Star Trek XI replicas will be available for pre-order at this end of this week and the TOS replicas will be available for pre-order at the end of next week.