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Fireworks Abound in Rules of Accusation

Fireworks Abound in Rules of Accusation

How appropriate that on July 4, there's fireworks on Deep Space Nine? But that's exactly the case when it comes to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Rules of Accusation, a brand-new enovella by Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann. It's available now from Simon and Schuster/Pocket Books.

Here's the synposis of Rules of Accusation:

On the space station Deep Space 9, Quark’s Public House, Café, Gaming Emporium, Holosuite Arcade, and Ferengi Embassy can’t legitimately be called an embassy until the Grand Nagus — namely, Quark’s brother Rom — dedicates it as such. Not that Quark really cares about Ferengi protocol, but a well-publicized dedication ceremony will naturally draw people to the bar. Everybody loves a good open house — free appetizers, half-price drinks, door prizes, etc. — all of which Quark can write off as Embassy expenses. It’s a win-win situation, with him on both sides of the win. There’s even a plan to display the original scroll of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition — which no one has seen for decades given that it’s been held in protective storage — and charge patrons by the minute to look at it up close. Nothing, of course, could possibly go wrong with this big plan. Absolutely nothing at all…

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Rules of Accusation runs 160 pages and costs $2.99. Go to to purchase the tale.