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Fashion Dresses Coming Soon from ANOVOS

Fashion Dresses Coming Soon from ANOVOS

Star Trek Fashion Dresses are coming soon from ANOVOS and are actually available now to pre-order. ANOVOS has partnered with California-based Gold Bubble Clothing to create and produce the four different designs, which will run in size from XS to 2XL and are expected to ship by the end of 2017. Check out this Q&A with Gold Bubble Clothing designer Jinyo about the upcoming products:

Tell us about your background as a clothing designer, and how your fandom for Star Trek brought about these new dresses.

As cosplayers, Victoria (Schmidt, who is Jinyo's partner) and I have each been making costumes and been involved in the costuming community for almost two decades. Three years ago, we took that fandom passion into the world of fashion when I started my own apparel company, Gold Bubble Clothing, where we design and produce dresses, leggings and other wearables for fellow geeks who want to express their love of pop culture through fashion. As life-long Trekkies, we love finding ways to express our fandom in what we wear on a daily basis. And as a geek fashion blogger, Victoria has tracked the long-overdue embrace of pop-culture fandom by the fashion industry. So we leapt at the opportunity offered by ANOVOS to express our love of Star Trek

What do you feel is the appeal of "inspired by" clothing versus replica uniforms?

While we may all wish we could live in the 23rd or 24th century, very few of us feels comfortable wearing an actual Starfleet uniform in our day-to-day lives. "Inspired-by" clothing allows us to express our love of Roddenberry's ideals and vision, while still looking fashionable and attractive. Some designs are obvious, and scream Star Trek, while other designs are subtle, and apparent only to other Star Trek fans. The latter is Victoria’s favorite type of design aesthetic, a perfect example of which would be our use of Juan Ortiz’s gorgeous poster art for “The City on the Edge of Forever

Why did you choose these four designs in particular to launch the line?

Since it is the 50th anniversary of The Original Series' first broadcast, we wanted to represent the classic Enterprise in a variety of ways:

Galaxy prints have had a lasting popularity in fashion in the last few years, and what better way to explore the galaxy than on the Enterprise? The “Nebula” dress combines imagery of the Star Queen Nebula with our favorite starship in orbit around a mysterious red planet, a classic visual seen in many of the original episodes that we wanted to pay particular homage to. “The City On The Edge Of Forever” dress pays tribute to one of our favorite episodes, inspired by Juan Ortiz's beautiful poster design. The “NCC-1701” dress is a more literal translation of the Enterprise, for those who like to be more direct about their fandom. And the "Beyond" dress celebrates the latest entry in the Star Trek multiverse, by using the stunning movie poster art in a festive dress which can be worn to a party, a dinner, or as was its original use when Victoria designed it, a movie premiere.

What can we look forward to in the realm of more "inspired by" clothing?

When it comes to Star Trek, there is a universe of designs out there, and these first few dresses have barely scratched the surface of what we’ve thought up and would like to do. If we’re given the opportunity to design more, fans of all shapes and sizes can look forward to more dresses, and hopefully other garment options as well.

Go to to pre-order the dresses.