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Fans Think The Most-Skilled Trek Doctor Is...

Fans Think The Most-Skilled Trek Doctor Is... is out to determine who fans think is the best Star Trek doctor... ever. And so we're doing a five-part poll which, at the end of five weeks, will give us our -- or, actually YOUR -- answer.

For the first poll question we asked: Which Star Trek doctor was the most skilled? More than 14,000 people voted and The Doctor just absolutely tranquilized the competition.

Did you vote with the majority? While the results course through your veins, check out what some of your fellow Trek fans had to say, and be sure to vote in this week's doctor poll:“The Doctor wins this debate, obviously, hands down, no questions asked, period, closed argument forever!” – Michael Lewis“Holographic doctor all the way, lol.” – Katherine Gaudet“Definitely Dr McCoy! "’I'm a doctor, not a brick layer!’" – Walter Benco“Loved each doctor, for different reasons. But Dr. Phlox was the one who won my heart. Probably because he had to think on his feet without the benefit of all the ‘bells and whistles’ the others had access to.” – Melissa Leet“Dr. Beverly Crusher.” – Donald Crane“Most skilled? That’s without question the Doctor. I don't think the other doctors would've been able to develop the same skills as fast as him if they were stuck in the delta quadrant.” – Kristoffer Jonsson“Come on folks. Good God, man! McCoy put Spock's brain back in his head.” – Phill Moxley“Pulaski was my favorite, but I think either McCoy or The Doctor was the most skilled.” – James Valenzuela“The question isn't "who do you like," it's "who was the most skilled?" Since The Doctor was programmed with the medical skills of at least McCoy and Crusher, both former heads of Starfleet Medical, and likely Pulaski, one of the most skilled surgeons in the Federation, he almost certainly also had the collected medical knowledge of Phlox, as well. Bashir's only advantage was his genetic engineering, but even that only made him as skilled as knowledge he could be exposed to; The Doctor had access to medical skills spanning centuries, from untold numbers of the finest physicians, across untold numbers of planets and species. Bashir *might* be able to replicate that skill, but only with FAR more training and education than he showed on DS9. Regardless of what you think of Voyager as a show, there is no logical dispute that The Doctor had the greatest medical skill.” – Tom Keeler“The Doctor was the most skilled, considering he had the accumulated knowledge not only of the Federation, but of other worlds as well. That being said, I think Phlox would be my choice as the one I would most want caring for me.” – George Grandinetti