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Fans Can Create the Perfect Star Trek Sticker 

Fans Can Create the Perfect Star Trek Sticker 

Stickers and Star Trek are both longtime favorites that are making the leap, together, into the present – or is that the future? Thanks to StickerYou, good old-fashioned Star Trek stickers – the kind you use to decorate and personalize everything from skateboards and to cars and safety helmets – are now customizable and available online.

Strek Trek enthusiasts can create their own, personalized 8.5” x 10.5” sheets of removable, vinyl Star Trek stickers, mixing familiar original-series images and slogans they upload from StickerYou’s library of 80-plus Star Trek options. StickerYou’s die-cut “Sticker Maker” uses first-of-its-kind technology to allow the creation of stickers that are cut along the outside of the image, thereby expanding sticker shape options well beyond the usual circle or square, and to any size one chooses.

“We’re giving people the ability to determine the size, shape and images that they want,” said Andrew Witkin, StickerYou’s president and chief executive. “The result is the perfect Star Trek sticker.”

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