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FAN FRIDAY: Your Favorite Trek Jokes

FAN FRIDAY: Your Favorite Trek Jokes

Star Trek fans are pretty funny. Two weeks ago, back on August 27th, asked fans to "Tell us your favorite Trek jokes." Thousands of you took to our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages to reply. And, below is a compilation of our favorite fan responses:

Twitter Responses:

@chennessybooks wrote: How do you stop from falling out of a Bird of Prey? You just have to Klingon.

@Sepulcher67 wrote: Kirk: Bones, that man is choking! Do Something! McCoy: Damn it, Jim, I'm a Doctor not a... oh, yeah right.

@richardcobb20 wrote: How many ears does Mr. Spock have? Three. A left ear, a right and a Final front ear.

@MissNikkiSwan wrote: Why did Worf change his hair color? It was a good day to dye.

@chennessybooks wrote: How many Betazoids does it take to change a lightbulb? Two... one to change it & one to say, "Captain, I sense darkness."

Facebook Responses:

Dylan Seymour wrote: What is the least popular show on Bajor? Keeping up with the Cardassians!

Angela Schlemann wrote: How many crew members of the Voyager does it take to change a lightbulb? I don't know, but they'll blow up at least one shuttle while doing it.

Paul Hayton wrote: Picard was devastated to have accidentally broken Dr. Crusher's antique sewing machine. It seemed it was beyond repair until Data said he had detailed files and could fix it, to which Picard replied, "Mr. Data, make it sew."

Alan Schriver wrote: If you're browsing the communication logs and happen to notice that condolences have already been sent to your next of kin... you might be a redshirt.

Lars Hilgers wrote: What do you call a Cardassian on a sailing ship? A sea-Gul.

Instagram Responses:

tierluvr wrote: Where do the Borg go to eat? BORGer King!

dinesh_welikala wrote: Why did the Borg cross the road? Because it assimilated the chicken! wrote: How many Ferengi does it take to change a light bulb? Two: one for changing it and another one to sell the broken one.

leia_mccoy wrote: How does one join the Star Trek fandom? They Klingon.

_a_person_named_william wrote: A stormtrooper and a Red Shirt get into a fight, the storm trooper misses every shot, but the red shirt dies anyway

Which Star Trek joke was your favorite?