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FAN FRIDAY: How Trek Made A Difference in Fans' Lives

FAN FRIDAY: How Trek Made A Difference in Fans' Lives

Two weeks ago, asked fans "How has Star Trek made a difference in your life?" Thousands of fans took to our Twitter and Facebook pages to reply, and below is a compilation of our favorite fan responses:

Twitter Responses:

@frecklemaster wrote: “Teaches me perspective, compassion, logic... as a teen, gives me a future to believe in and the power to change it. All teens need Trek

@Themadmartin wrote: “Watching ST and the Apollo Missions made me a spaceman! I have a good telescope and read many mags on the subject of space and travel!!!!”

@Josue_can wrote: “I seek that loyalty and friendship in real life and every show and movie I watch now. It is really the only thing that makes me emotional.”

@MissRey1979 wrote: It prepared me for just about every technological advancement we use today. Mobile phones. Viewscreens. Tablets. 3D printers”

Facebook Responses:

Rosemarie Taylor-Perry wrote: “It taught me at a young and impressionable age about the worth and dignity of all people, when my parents and siblings tried to teach me otherwise. It taught me the importance of civil rights, of decency and kindness.”

Beth Newman wrote: “Star Trek taught me that there are so many possibilities for the future. It taught me that people can work together for the good of humanity. It taught me that people don't have to be so worried with earning money and getting ahead if we would all work for the good of the society.”

Doug McLean wrote: “As a whole I loved the show, and the subsequent movies. But Mr Spock in particular was my hero. As a kid who didn't grow up with a lot of role models, Spock really taught me the importance of the pursuit of truth, knowledge, honesty, peace and dignity for all beings.”

Mick Murphy wrote: “I became a physicist because of ST. I now work in medical lasers and am currently designing a new pain-relief device using electronic impulses and laser diodes (I might design it around McCoy's medical tricorder....)”