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Factory Entertainment Unveils TNG Medical Set Prop Replicas

Dr. Crusher approves this addition to your collection

Star Trek: The Next Generation

"The first tenet of good medicine is, never make the patient any worse." – Dr. Beverly Crusher

24th Century Starfleet Medical personal had a wide variety of equipment available to them. Two of the most seen items in Star Trek: The Next Generation were:

  • The Hypospray, which used aerosuspension to deliver many types of medication both subcutaneously and intravenously. It was also be used to collect and store air samples.
  • The Medical Peripheral Device, more commonly known as the “Hand Scanner”, which contained sensors that allow it collect and analyze a wide variety of medical diagnostic readings.  The Hand Scanner was designed to work in tandem with a Medical Tricorder but could also function independently.
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Factory Entertainment’s TNG Medical Set Replica replicates these two iconic instruments, as seen onscreen.

The Original Props

The original props made a variety of appearances throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as appearing in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. During this long tenure, a number of different props were made. These ranged from fairly primitive nonfunctioning ‘stunt’ props to quite elaborate ‘hero’ props with functioning electronics. As is normal for productions, a number of modifications and changes were made to the different original props over the course of time. These replicas have been designed to capture the best elements of all the variants in a single blended execution.

The Replicas

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Factory Entertainment’s TNG Medical Set Replica has been copied directly from surviving resources in the CBS archives to ensure accuracy.  Our development team also spent many hours analyzing footage to fine-tune the details.

The main body of each replica is diecast in solid metal.  Other parts are formed in ABS plastic or acrylic. Three medication vials are included, each pre-filled with colored liquid suggesting different medications. The vials can be inserted and removed from the Hypospray and are held securely in place with integrated magnets. The wooden presentation case is etched with the Starfleet delta insignia and is designed to allow you to both store and display the replicas.

Each replica has electronic light and/or sound features designed to simulate the special effects seen on-screen:

The Hypospray:

  • Sound effect 1: Standard administration.
  • Sound effect 2: Wider spray pattern administration.

The Hand Scanner:

  • Scanning sound effect and blinking LED.

This replica set is a numbered limited edition and includes a cast metal plaque and certificate of authenticity/prop story booklet.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The Hypospray and the Hand Scanner each operate on three LR44 batteries (included).


  • Hypospray – 4½”x 1 x 1” (103 x 25 x 25mm)
  • Hand Scanner – 2½” x  Ø1“  (60 x Ø25mm)
  • Display Box -- 6½ x 6½ x 3” (165 x 165 x 76mm)