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"Face of the Enemy"... 24 Years Later

"Face of the Enemy"... 24 Years Later

The powerful Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Face of the Enemy" debuted on February 8, 1993 -- or 24 years ago today. The episode, with Troi suddenly arising from a restless sleep only to discover that she's been transformed to look like a Romulan officer and transported aboard a Romulan warbird, proved to be one Marina Sirtis's finest hours on TNG. Check out some facts, figures and anecdotes about "Face of the Enemy"...

Stardate 46519.1

The events of the episode started on Stardate 46519.1.

The Sixth Season

"Face of the Enemy" was the 14th episode of TNG's sixth season.

The Story

Naren Shankar wrote the teleplay, based on a story by Rene Echeverria.

The Spy

According to Memory Alpha, per the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, "Originally, Doctor Crusher was to be the crewmember kidnapped, but this was changed when the staff realized that Troi's empathic abilities would be more suitable for espionage. A similar The Hunt for Red October-style premise had been previously rejected before the staff convinced Rick Berman to give it a try."

A Star Trek First

Gabrielle Beaumont directed "Face of the Enemy," in the process becoming the first woman to direct Star Trek. Beaumont, at the time, was married to the late actor Olaf Pooley, who later guest starred in the Voyager hour, "Blink of an Eye," directed by Beaumont. She also directed six other episodes of TNG and one episode of Deep Space Nine.

Worf's New Coif

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing... Worf's ponytail.

Another Scott MacDonald Character

Scott MacDonald, who played N'Vek, previously portrayed Tosk in DS9's "Captive Pursuit" and later played Ensign Rollins in Voyager's "Caretaker," Goran'Agar in DS9's "Hippocratic Oath" and as Dolim in several episodes of Enterprise.

You Are No Longer Deanna Troi

Memorable line of dialogue #1: "Listen to me carefully," N'Vek told Troi. "You are no longer Deanna Troi. You are Major Rakal of the Tal Shiar – the Imperial intelligence."

Linville's Possible Return

Also per Memory Alpha, "Shankar had suggested casting Joanne Linville to reprise her role as the Romulan Commander from TOS: 'The Enterprise Incident.' However, Linville was not available."

Taris, Yale & Now Toreth

Carolyn Seymour, the British actress who played Commander Toreth, had earlier guest starred on TNG as Sub-Commander Taris in "Contagion" and Mirasta Yale in "First Contact." She went on to appear as Mrs. Templeton in the Voyager hours "Cathexis" and "Persistence of Vision."

I'll Have You Ejected Into Space

Memorable dialogue #2: "We're not playing it your way anymore, N'Vek!" Troi said. "I have been kidnapped, surgically altered, put in danger! I've gone along with all your plans. Now you are going to listen to me! You find a way to let the Enterprise track us, or I will go to Toreth and tell her I've discovered you're a traitor! I'll have you ejected into space! Is that clear, Sub-Commander?!"