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Experience New Alien Ships from the Tzenkethi

Experience New Alien Ships from the Tzenkethi

Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer continuation of Star Trek’s Prime Timeline, has a new set of ships available for Captains to fly on PC. They’re the alien ships of the Tzenkethi, first mentioned in Deep Space Nine. Play for free at

Since the emergence of the Tzenkethi and the mystery surrounding their fervent crusade, they have continued to exhibit design and tactic ingenuity the like of which the Alliance has yet to see. It is been in the best interest of the Alliance to continue pursuing new technologies as new dangers present themselves. The Tzenkethi harness shield power and distribution effortlessly. Their battle tactics indicated an admirable reliance on one another. This collectivism has allowed their technology to have situational strengths at the cost of weaknesses that can be offset while in larger groups.

The tireless efforts of the Alliance have now come to fruition. Tzenkethi design principles have been applied to construct new starships and technology to outfit our captains with. These captains will be able to experience the shielding superiority and tactical mobility of a Tzenkethi ship. Captains can also equip themselves with Diffusive Tetryon armaments to increase their shield optimization options. And, for those ambitious enough, genetic modifications are available to address Tzenkethi physicality and munitions that couldn’t be replicated with simple fabrication.

For Star Trek Online, this lockbox includes a major influx of updated capabilities in the fields of shielding and maneuverability. Every piece is uniquely Tzenkethi, focusing on situational strengths and defenses. With this lockbox we have also included some enjoyable surprises. Such as…

  • A Lukari N’kaam Scout Ship [T5], discussed in further detail below.
  • A Vanity-Only Tzenkethi Shield, capable of dropping from the Weapon pack. This marks the first time we’ve released a shield for the sole purpose of bringing the visual identity of a group to the players.
  • For the first time ever, a Lobi Store, Tzenkethi Ground Set. Inspired by Tzenkethi design in both mechanics and visuals!
  • A Tetryon Energy Torpedo in the Tzenkethi Lobi Store Space Set!


To begin, the Tzenkethi Lock Box’s Grand Prize is the Tzenkethi Shuk-din Escort [T6], and as expected with Tzenkethi design, this ship is highly maneuverable with immense shielding capabilities for its size.

Coming equipped on the Shuk-din Escort is the Console – Universal – Peripheral Refraction Array. This console represents the current pinnacle of Tzenkethi shield technology, allowing the starship to massively increase their defensive capabilities along all non-Forward shield facings. The forward array is instead tuned to offense, increasing the damage dealt by the starship's weaponry against any foe within their forward-facing 90-degree arc.

Additionally, the Shuk-din Escort is fitted with the latest experimental weaponry option, the Protomatter-Laced Sheller. Based on an original Tzenkethi design, the protomatter-laced payload it delivers is split between Kinetic and Radiation damage, and the damage it deals is increased against foes the closer they are to being directly in front of your ship. This weapon is capable of being fitted into any starship with an Experimental Weapon slot.

Completing the Starship Mastery Path on the Tzenkethi Shuk-din Escort [T6] unlocks access to the following starship trait:


    • Using any Shield Healing Bridge Officer Ability will cause foes near the healed ally (or self) to suffer an amount of Shield Drain proportionate to the amount of shields restored.

In a welcome show of continued support the Lukari have contributed to this endeavor as well. Captains will be able to have a chance at winning a Lukari N’kaam Scout Ship [T5]. In the process of making the more state-of-the-art Ho'kuun vessel, the Lukari also experimented with smaller, lighter spacecraft. The N'kaam represents some of those earlier engineering explorations, and although not quite as impressive as it's big sisters, is still quite capable in its own right. Players who acquire this ship will be able to use its ship costume on the Lukari Ho’kuun [T6] as well.

Scout Ships are a unique combination of Science Vessel capabilities, in a much smaller, faster and more fragile package. They come with built-in Sensor Analysis and Subsystem Targeting, as well as a Secondary Deflector slot, and are able to benefit from Raider Flanking bonuses as well. These nimble vessels are also similar to a Raider in that they boast an abundance of universal bridge officer seats, can load dual cannons, and have similar weapon slot configurations.

As part of a deal with the Ferengi for their support in technological advancements, a Captain will be able to purchase the Tzenkethi Rhas’bej Battlecruiser [T6] from the Lobi Store.

The Rhas’bej Battlecruiser comes equipped with the Console – Universal – Momentum Manipulator. The inner workings of this technology are still a bit of a mystery, but it is said to replicate and redirect both kinetic and potential energy, in order to alter fundamental aspects of physics. Regardless of how it works, it has proven to be an effective weapon of choice for the Tzenkethi, allowing even their larger warships to suddenly execute maneuvers otherwise assumed impossible, while simultaneously boosting their weapons' destructive capabilities.

This console also provides a passive boost to Radiation, Kinetic and Physical Resistance Rating, and Outgoing Shield Healing.

Completing the Starship Mastery Path on the Tzenkethi Rhas’bej Battlecruiser [T6] unlocks access to the following starship trait:


    • Every 2 sec, while below 25% throttle, you gain increased Shield Capacity, Shield Hardness and Turn Rate.

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