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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Dorn Talks TNG Blu-rays & More, Part 2

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Dorn Talks TNG Blu-rays & More, Part 2

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Fourth Season
Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption

STARTREK.COM: If you never play Worf again, will you be disappointed? Or is it best to leave well enough alone?


STARTREK.COM: You’ve been on this extended world tour of sorts, celebrating the 25th anniversary of TNG. That’s included several full-cast reunions. How have you enjoyed that experience, and how hard is it to believe it’s 25 years-plus since you started work on the show?


STARTREK.COM: Creation’s annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas is coming up next month and there they’ll be celebrating Deep Space Nine’s 20 anniversary. You, of course, didn’t join the DS9 party until a few seasons in, but still, is it equally hard to believe that DS9 is now so far in the rearview mirror?

Next Generation
Deep Space

STARTREK.COM: Here’s the silliest Star Trek question we could ever think to ask you: If the TNG and DS9 casts got into a rumble in Vegas next month, which cast would win?

DORN:The Next Generation.


DORN: Well, they’ve got me, first of all.

STARTREK.COM: So would the DS9 cast, actually…DORN: God, that’s a tough one. I’d be fighting myself. OK, so if I cancel myself out, maybe the Deep Space cast would win because there are more of them.

You've got a few convention appearances lined up. What else are you up to work-wise? Will you be back on Castle?

DORN: I don't think I'll be doing another Castle. I think my character did too good a job. She's healed. So she doesn't need me anymore. I did a voice for the game Saints Row IV (due out next month). That was a good thing. I just finished it maybe three or four months ago. I never know how I feel about something until I've seen it, and I haven't seen that one yet.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Fourth Season will run nearly 20 hours over six discs and will cost $130 in the U.S. and $150 in Canada. Star Trek: The Next Generation – Redemption will cost $28.28 in the U.S. and $32.00 in Canada. Click HERE to order The Fourth Season and HERE to order Redemption.