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Everything You Need to Know for Season Two of Discovery

We've got everything you need to know for the season-two premiere of Discovery

Michael Burnham, Season 2

Season two of Star Trek: Discovery will debut tonight with its first episode, "Brother" on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on Space Channel in Canada, followed by a debut in 188 countries on Netflix on Friday, January 18, 2019. As the minutes tick away to the premiere, is here to help you prep for the big moment, as we offer up Where We Left Off in Season One and What to Expect in Season Two. Here goes:

Where We Left Off in Season One:

Burnham and Sarek

Michael Burnham made peace with her father, Sarek, and with herself as well. She's back in good standing with Starfleet and looking brightly to the future. However, her romance with Ash Tyler seemed, if not doomed, at least put on hold.


Lorca is dead. Lorca, who hailed from the Mirror Universe, came oh-so-close to realizing his vision and having Michael Burnham rule by his side. But it didn't quite work out.

Mirror Georgiou

Mirror Georgiou is alive and well and running a... divey-y cabaret. Not only that, as revealed in a bonus scene, she has been recruited by Leland to join the mysterious Starfleet black-ops organization, Section 31.


L'Rell slyly took control of 24 Great Houses of the Klingon Empire and ended the war. But it's a house, so to speak, in disorder and, with the Klingons, there are always wars within.

Lorca, Stamets and Culber

Dr. Culber died a brutal death at the hands of Tyler/Voq, but he was still there in the mycelial network. That was both a blessing and a curse for the love he left behind, Stamets.

Saru and Killy

Saru and Tilly both gained much-needed confidence. The Kelpien delivered a speech for the ages to the crew following the Lorca revelations, and everyone's favorite, excitable cadet continued to prove that she'll one day be ready to settle into a captain's chair.

U.S.S. Enterprise

The Enterprise appeared on the Discovery viewscreen in the final moments of season one. Come on, now, who really saw that coming?

What to Expect in Season Two:

Captain Pike, Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery

Captain Pike (Anson Mount) of the U.S.S. Enterprise will arrive and promptly assume command of the U.S.S. Discovery, leading it on a rescue mission. He's a figure in the true Starfleet mold, and thus a far cry from the duplicitous Lorca.

Ethan Peck

Spock (Ethan Peck) comes on board as well. He's not the Spock we know... yet, not by a longshot. He's raw and conflicted, and he smiles and sports a beard. Questions as to how the Spock more familiar to fans never before mentioned his foster sister Michael will surely be addressed.

Speaking of Spock, he'll be deeply entrenched in a wide-ranging storyline involving the Red Angel and seven signals. "Spock has experienced something in the signals and the Red Angel that has broken his logical brain," series co-creator, executive producer and showrunner Alex Kurtzman told "He cannot figure it out, and he is emotionally ill-equipped to deal with it."

Wilson Cruz as Dr. Culber

Dr. Culber returns... but how? Wilson Cruz is back and in far more than a cameo, so this storyline has miles to go.

Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou

Georgiou is back, too, but what does she want? Where do her loyalties lie, assuming she has any? She's working now for Section 31, and that sounds like a recipe for juicy trouble.

Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn

Get ready to meet several new characters, including Chief Engineer Denise Reno (Tig Notaro) and Number One (Rebecca Romijn).

Laughs are on the menu. Kurtzman told that fans can expect not just action and emotion in season two, but humor as well. "We were at war last season," he noted. "There weren't a lot of jokes. This season there's a lot more humor right off the bat. But, to me, humor is not about making a joke. It's actually about a human reaction to something insane. The way we react to those things is funny, and the more we can embed that in just the fabric of their experiences, I think, the more it feels like a fun ride to be on."

Star Trek: Discovery's second season will premiere tonight on CBS All Access in the U.S. and on Space Channel in Canada. The series premieres in 188 countries on Netflix on Friday, January 18, 2019.