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Everything Old Is New Again: More Points of Interest in Star Trek Timelines

Everything Old Is New Again: More Points of Interest in Star Trek Timelines

The world of Star Trek Timelines blooms bigger and brighter as we get closer to launch. In the vacuum of space, new stars are born, planets align and space stations appear out of nowhere -- to the delight and horror of Federation citizens. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few more of the galaxy’s stunning points of interest.Omicron ThetaThe birthplace of Data, his brother Lore, and their predecessor B-4, Omicron Theta was once a haven for scientists. Men like Doctor Noonien Soong settled in the colony here to conduct their research without interruption or oversight. Unfortunately, most of the colonists lost their lives when the Crystalline Entity devastated the planet, killing off all organic matter and rendering it inhospitable from that moment on. Has the temporal crisis revived this world as well? What other great scientific achievements might be found on its surface?

AlgusThis ice world near Terra Nova --  Earth’s first extrasolar colony -- is newly discovered in the wake of the temporal crisis. Beautiful yet harsh, its origins are a mystery. Was it once a part of the Terra Nova system and destroyed in an unknown accident? Or has it been transported to this position in space from another star system, potentially thousands of light-years away? It will be up to your crew to uncover its secrets, but don’t forget the environmental suits!

Gaia StationSituated near Trill, homeworld of the Dax symbiont, this station was once just one of dozens serving Federation space. Here, Starfleet captains could rendezvous with other ships, pick up personnel, acquire supplies, or simply allow their crewmen a break from their duties. However, there is evidence that this station briefly spent time in orbit of Gaia, a Gamma Quadrant planet where several Deep Space Nine crew members were stranded for a time. Does this station now pose the same danger of severe temporal displacement?

LovalOn the surface, Loval is merely another Cardassian colony world. But this planet became the center of a political and literal firestorm when a Klingon vessel was lured here by Gul Dukat and destroyed above a secret weapons research facility it hoped to attack. What is this world to the Cardassians or the Klingons now? Will you find only Cardassian civilians, struggling to weather this temporal storm? Or something much more insidious?

CytheriaThe crew of the Enterprise-D will never forget making first contact with the Cytherians, an advanced race which preferred to bring other species to them rather than seek them out themselves. After encountering one of the probes the Cytherians sent out for this purpose, Lieutenant Reginald Barclay subsequently experienced rapid leaps in intelligence until he gained the knowledge necessary to bring the Enterprise to the Cytherian homeworld. But as we can see, the Cytherians are experiencing a cataclysmic event as a result of the temporal anomaly crisis. Can you do anything to help them? Or will you only be able to look on in horror?

In Star Trek Timelines, you’ll see strange new worlds like Captain Kirk and Captain Picard could only imagine. It’s up to you and your crew to ensure you survive the journey. If there’s a point of interest you’re particularly hoping to explore, be sure to comment or visit our forums and let us know!Coming to iOS, Android and the Web, Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories, and settings from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. Gather your favorite heroes and even villains to build your ideal crew, explore the galaxy, and be captain of your own destiny. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.