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Elachi Alert Weekend

Elachi Alert Weekend

Star Trek Online is pleased to bring back a player favorite: The Elachi Alert Weekend. For a limited time only, the Elachi Alert queued event will return from now until Monday June 16 at 10AM PDT. Close these doors to subspace and receive bonus mark rewards.

A joint fleet has gathered here to stop them. The fleet consists of science ships that have disabled their weaponry in order to divert all available resources to disabling the gate. We’ll need to protect them from the Elachi until they finish their work. Remember that the science vessels’ efficiency will drop as they lose crew members to the Elachi. Defend the joint fleet from the Elachi in order to ensure their success. Be careful of Elachi harvesters -- who'll abduct everyone who can disable the space gate.

The Elachi Alert queue will offer a 50% bonus to mark rewards during this event. This includes Fleet Marks, Task Force Omega, New Romulus, Nukara Strikeforce, Dyson Join Command, and 8472 Counter-Command Marks. Captains, you’re needed on the frontlines to stop the invading forces.

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