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Eaglemoss Reveals New Starships

Eaglemoss Reveals New Starships

Eaglemoss has revealed the next six ships in their Official Star Trek Starships Collection, taking fans from issue 85 to 90.

Issue 85 is the Federation Holoship from Star Trek Insurrection. This unusual ship, designed by John Eaves, is effectively a massive room filled with holoprojectors.

The next issue is a ship that was mentioned in The Original Series, but not seen until the show was remastered for the Blu-ray release – the Gorn ship. This will be your first chance to get a good look at the model, which was small and moving at speed when it appeared on screen. Its designer, Mike Okuda, helped flesh out the details, settling on the final color scheme.

Issue 87 is a timeship from the future – the UTS Aeon, which featured in the two-part Voyager episode "Future’s End." The ship, designed by Rick Sternbach, has an unusual black and blue color scheme and hints at some amazing futuristic technology.

We head to the other end of the timeline for the next issue – another of the Vulcan ships from Enterprise, the Vahklas, the civilian transport that was used by the renegade Vulcans in Fusion.

Issue 89 is the last of the Enterprises (so far) – the Enterprise-J – a ship from the far future that made a fleeting appearance on Enterprise. Its designer, Doug Drexler, was a great help making this model and he contributed advice about details that couldn’t be seen on screen.

Finally, issue 90 is that rare thing – a ship from TNG. The Romulan scout ship appeared in one of the first episodes written by Ronald D. Moore – The Defector – and was designed by Rick Sternbach. It has been completely rebuilt in CG using rare photographs of the original studio model so that it could become part of the collection.

Keep an eye on for additional information about upcoming releases and for detailed looks at each ship as it is released.

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