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DS9 & Enterprise Crews Launch Mission New York

DS9 & Enterprise Crews Launch Mission New York

The main stage at Star Trek: Mission New York was the place to be on Friday for From the Edge of the Universe: The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Reunion, which brought together Terry Farrell, Michael Dorn, Armin Shimerman, Nana Visitor, Rene Auberjonois and Cirroc Lofton for an hour of laughs, memories and pure chemistry. And then, later in the day, fans witnessed John Billingsley, Anthony Montgomery, Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating run rampant during their session, It's Been a Long Road: Meet the Crew of Star Trek: Enterprise.

"It's incredible how much Star Trek has affected people's lives," Visitor marveled. "I signed an autograph for a man who became a commercial pilot and grew up watching Star Trek and wanted to fly."

"Do the Ferengi represent Jews?" Shimerman mused. "Do the Ferengi represent the Irish? Chinese? Ferengi represent the outcast. It was a great shock to find out the prejudice of world."

Dorn, to Shimerman's point, said, "Klingons represented the Russian Empire. They were the enemies. That's what they always represented. Roddenberry wanted to show that people move on in the world and that people don't stay the same. We see them as another culture that loves their children as much as anyone does."

Asked what advice the DS9 cast would give to the cast of the upcoming show Discovery, Lofton answered, "Enjoy the experience. Embrace the fact that you're part of this culture. Learn about the history and knowledge that surrounds the culture. The result is something you can be proud of."

Auberjonois joked -- or was he really joking? -- "Don't buy anything big for three years." Shimerman laughed and said, "I always looked up to Rene."

Farrell looked at Dorn and said, "I remember our first scene because we were doing Camelot. 'OK, let's kind of flirt with each other and they'll give us more scenes,' and it totally worked."

Dorn nodded in agreement and explained, "Dax was flirting and Worf, being Worf, didn't get it... (Dax) was the only one who could harness Worf."

As for the Enterprise panel, the boys got pretty blue pretty quickly, so while the crowd cracked up from start to finish, there's only so much we can share with you. "God bless Scott Bakula," Keating said, "because he had so many lines and we'd be in the back... Laughing."

Who would the Enterprise cast want to have had guest star on Enterprise? Montgomery, Keating and Trinneer all replied simultaneously: "Seven of Nine."

"I grew up with racial tension in Indiana," Montgomery said. "So I knew there was something special about Star Trek when I saw it."

Connor Trinneer revealed that he just finished shooting a movie with Tom Cruise. He will play President George W. Bush in "American Made" which is scheduled to be released in 2017.

And John Billingsley offered advice to the new Star Trek: Discovery cast, "Stay in top physical shape!"

From there, as we say, the quartet had just a little too much fun to report here. Sometimes, you just have to be there.