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Don't Miss These New Ships From Hero Collector!

"The troop transports from the starbase are moving towards the planet!"

Hero Collector

Hero Collector – designers, manufacturers, and publishers of high-quality collectibles from across the worlds of pop culture – reveals its upcoming Star Trek releases for May 2020! A new collection begins with Star Trek Online: The Official Starships Collection, showcasing the original ships created for Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer online video game.

In Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, two alien ships from The Next Generation get models of their own – the exotic-but-despised “plague ships” of Tarella, and the uncompromising Sheliak colony ships that forced Picard to break out the rulebooks. Plus, another shuttle box set brings in shuttles from Voyager, The Original Series, and the movies! A deadly Section 31 vessel loaded with drones joins the roster over in Star Trek Discovery: The Official Starships Collection, while the holy Klingon warship called the Ship of the Dead returns as a special issue! And readers receive a classic volume of DC’s The Next Generation comics, plus a collection of IDW’s Kelvin Timeline stories in the Hero Collector Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection.


Collect the original ships created for Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer video game based on Star Trek! Each ship is reproduced with incredible detail and accompanied by an in-depth profile magazine.

#1 – Gagarin-Class Federation Battlecruiser, $29.99/.£19.99

Star Trek Online

A powerful vessel flown by Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Gagarin-class “Miracle Worker” is one of the Federation’s most advanced ships.

#2 – Chimera-Class Federation Heavy Destroyer, $29.99/.£19.99

Star Trek Online

An agile vessel flown by Starfleet players in Star Trek Online, the Chimera-class was created in the Federation-Klingon War, and has a transforming saucer.


This comprehensive figurine collection includes ships from every Star Trek TV series, recreated in exacting detail and accompanied by an in-depth profile magazine.

#176 – Tarrelian Ship, $24.99/£14.99/€18.99

Star Trek

After biological weaponry ravaged Tarella with plague, these domed refugee vessels were turned away or destroyed by most planets, for fear of spreading sickness. Seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Haven".

#177 – Sheliak Colony Ship, $24.99/£14.99/€18.99

Star Trek: The Next Generation

The reclusive and legalistic Sheliak faced Jean-Luc Picard in a battle of wits over colonizing the planet of Tau Cygna V, in the episode “The Ensigns of Command”.

Shuttle Box Set #5 – Air Tram, Tug, Galileo, Type-8, $99.95/£75.00/€105.00

Star Trek: The Original Series

Starfleet Air Tram, Starfleet Tug, Galileo Shuttlecraft, and Type-8 Shuttlecraft! These amazingly detailed shuttles include a display stand and exclusive Okudagram schematic, created by Mike Okuda himself!


This incredible series of die-cast models features ships based directly on the original VFX models of Star Trek: Discovery, ensuring extraordinary detail and accuracy. Each is accompanied by a spotlight magazine.

#28 – Section 31 Ship (Large, 4 Nacelles), $54.95/£34.99/€44.99

Star Trek: Discovery

This formidable Section 31 warship is the largest of its kind, with a swarm of battle drones that detach from the main hull.

Special #1 – Klingon Sarcophagus Ship, $74.95/£49.99/€64.99

Star Trek: Discovery

The massive, holy Klingon Sarcophagus ship served as the flagship of T’Kuvma and Kol in their wars against the Federation.


Celebrate over 50 years of Star Trek comics with Hero Collector, in a series of hardback collections of the best Starfleet comic and manga stories from publishers such as DC, Marvel, IDW, Malibu, Wildstorm, and TokyoPop!

#87 – Star Trek: Boldly Go (Part 1), $19.95/£10.99/€15.99

Star Trek Beyond

The IDW Star Trek comics explored the alternate timeline created by the 2009 hit film! Set after the events of Star Trek: Beyond, this story sees the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise assigned to new ships, new worlds, and new peacetime roles, until the arrival of a threat to life as we know it! This strange new alien race calls itself... the Borg! Collects Star Trek: Boldly Go #1-6 (IDW). Written by Mike Johnson with art by Chris Mooneyham and Tony Shasteen.

#86 – Star Trek The Next Generation: Ill Wind, $19.95/£10.99/€15.99

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Award-winning novelist and TNG episode writer Diane Duane puts the USS Enterprise-D in the midst of the Federation Cup – but when the crew are ordered to run security and support for this high-stakes solar sailing competition, all bets are off! Collects Star Trek TNG: Ill Wind #1-4 (DC). Written by Diane Duane, with art by Ken Save and Deryl Skelton