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Discovery Cast Talks Character Growth at Destination Star Trek

Ethan Peck looks at Spock's past while Anthony Rapp teases Stamets' future.

Star Trek: Discovery - Ethan Peck and Anthony Rapp

Ila Desai

At Destination Star Trek Birmingham, the cast of Star Trek: Discovery gathered to talk about season two and look ahead to season three with a crowd of fans. When asked about the noticeably realistic character relationships and emotions that Discovery portrays, the cast had some excellent responses.

Star Trek: Discovery cast

Ila Desai

“It's interesting from Spock's perspective,” said Ethan Peck, who played the iconic Vulcan in season two. “Because I think he learns to be human from his sister, [Michael], and I don't think we've quite seen the depths of him that we've seen in this season of Discovery. Because it's never been written that way, and I think I decided that Michael was one of the few people that he would really be open with, emotionally. We had some amazing opportunities to be human together and for Spock to learn from Michael. It was a very human and emotional season for Spock at least.”

The questions eventually turned towards cast member Anthony Rapp, whose character Paul Stamets had already been working through a difficult life adjustment —the resurrection of his partner, Hugh Culber— even before the Discovery jump to the future.

“Even without spoiling it and there's some really wonderful stuff, I think, this coming season about we're all in this new future together ... You lose everything you had, even if you're ready to do that, it's still going to have some ripple effects." The Stamets actor continued, “So the writers continue to explore, mining the depths of what all the characters are going through. They don't treat anything casually or in a shallow manner and so we're really grateful for that.”

Star Trek: Discovery - Anthony Rapp

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