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Discovery Captain's Duty Uniform Coming Soon

Discovery Captain's Duty Uniform Coming Soon

Are you itching to cosplay Captain Lorca or Captain Georgiou to such a degree that Jason Isaacs and Michelle Yeoh might be jealous? Well, you'll soon get your chance, as ANOVOS has just unveiled its upcoming Star Trek: Discovery Captain's Duty Uniform, a costume replica created using reference taken from original, screen-used production assets. The product is available now for pre-order.

Among the highlights of the uniform:

  • Ensemble is available in the Captain's Variant with Command Gold details.
  • Fabric is 90% athletic spandex with 10% speciality contrast spandex fabric for channel stitching, dyed to match production colors.
  • Diagonal full-length zipper functionality for tunic.
  • Raised rubberized Delta print for tunic and pant inset detail panels is custom-made.
  • Side and shoulder striping for tunic and pant is raised rubberized print.
  • Gold rubberized print striping in shoulder contrast panels of tunic.
  • Hook and bar attachment points to secure tunic to pant for optimal fit.
  • Replicated zipper pulls as per the original assets.
  • Functional pockets on thighs.
  • Screen printed knee detail.
  • Ensemble includes one (1) Command division insignia badge, (via Quantum Mechanix).

The Star Trek: Discovery Captain's Duty Uniform will ship in the summer of 2018. ANOVOS is offering a special introductory price of $467 (15% off) now until October 23, after which it will be priced at $550. Go to to take advantage of the pre-order discounted price.