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Destination Star Trek Germany Recap, Day 3

Destination Star Trek Germany Recap, Day 3

And so it ends. Destination Star Trek Germany concluded on Sunday evening, deemed by fans and guests alike a tremendous success. Many fans had spent all three days at the event, while others spent two or just one.

The first talk took place on Stage B at 9:30 a.m., with Eric Stillwell discussing his days in the Trek universe, including co-writing the story for "Yesterday's Enterprise." Midway through his talk, Brent Spiner greeted the crowd on Stage A.

The next couple of hours on Stage B featured interactive programming. The Trek Girls got the audience talking all things Trek, while Mars One discussed what they do (click HERE for details). Then there was debate called Best of The Next Generation, followed by a session with make-up artist John Paladin bantering with Suzie Plakson as he turned her, quite impressively, into a Kilngon.

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William Shatner was next. He received a rousing ovation and then told a variety of anecdotes as only he can. For example, he recalled how, years ago, a fan asked Leonard Nimoy what he should ask Shatner if ever given the chance. Nimoy told the fan to ask "Is (Shatner) more jealous of Nimoy's money or his talent?" That fan asked that question and Shatner replied, "I've known him as a wonderful human being. I am a great admirer of his money and his talent." Later, a fan wondered if Shatner misses making out with a steady stream of beautiful women. Shatner grinned and said, "Now I'm doing it for free. Time goes on and you're less kissable. It's an artificial ego-boosting time. Women are paid to make out with you and then the next day you realize it was all pretend."

Some observations from the floor... According to the DSTG folks, photos of William Shatner sold better than anyone else's. Urban pics were number two.

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The rest of the day flew by. Stage A was the site of the weekend's second auction. Some sample items and prices: 25 Euros for a Zachary Quinto autographed large photo; 15 Euros for a Star Trek III VHS/laserdisk video store poster; and 130 Euros for a STID phaser signed by Karl Urban.

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