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Delta Rising Celebrations

Delta Rising Celebrations

Thank you all for making Delta Rising the most successful update ever for Star Trek Online. We believe that Delta Rising showcases the best storytelling, art, and game play that we’ve produced yet, and it has been fantastic to see so many captains joining the Delta Alliance to face the threats in the Delta Quadrant alongside members of the Voyager crew.

To celebrate the success of the expansion, we’re giving away 20 Lobi each day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this coming weekend. To get your free Lobi visit Grym in Earth Spacedock or Qo’noS to pick yours up.

You can visit once each day on Friday October 24, Saturday October 25, and Sunday October 26 between 12:00AM and 11:59PM PDT.

In addition, we will be running our bonus Dilithium Ore event for four days this weekend. Have a great weekend and enjoy Delta Rising, Captains.

Stephen D’AngeloExecutive ProducerStar Trek Online

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