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Delta Recruits, Ready Yourselves

Delta Recruits, Ready Yourselves

Delta Recruitment is almost upon us! While this system is an excellent starting point for new players to Star Trek Online, we wanted to take a moment to explain how this system worked in relation to characters you might have created before the event.

First off, time travel is a real thing in the Star Trek universe. So much so that the Federation has a Temporal Investigations agency devoted to it. But it’s not just the Federation that cares about temporal manipulation. The Klingon Empire has their own Temporal Intelligence division and the Romulan Republic has a small group calling themselves Romulan Temporal Defense. Each of these has an agent stationed at their major social hub (Federation is on Earth Spacedock, Klingon is on Qo’noS First City, and Romulan is on the Flotilla.)

These agents will help explain to Delta Recruits the story behind the recruits' mission to collect artifacts and gather intel on the Iconians throughout their careers. For non-Recruits, the Agents will give a bit of history about themselves and their faction’s dealings with time travel.

In order to claim these account-level rewards, you simply need to take your non-Delta character and visit the Temporal agent for that character’s faction. This NPC will have a Store on them that contains all the account-level rewards your alt characters can claim. They can claim any of the account-level rewards earned by the Delta Recruit on the same account. Each of your characters can claim the account level rewards once from the Temporal agent. These rewards include Marks, Equipment, Consoles, R&D Materials, and other items.

While this event is tailored to new players, we know this is a very appealing event for creating alts as well. We know playing a Delta Recruit is going to be a time investment away from playing your main character. Because of that, we wanted to give your other characters rewards for the time you spend completing Delta Recruit tasks. You shouldn’t feel like you're missing out because you're playing a Delta Recruit.

We hope this encourages new players to take this opportunity to try out Star Trek Online, as well providing existing players with great Delta Recruit experience and rewards. Everyone will get a free character slot at the beginning of Delta Recruitment, so there's no penalty for starting a Delta Recruit character. In fact, you'll be earning bonuses for all your characters throughout the event.

We hope you enjoy our efforts and find the Delta Recruitment system as much fun to play as it was to design and implement.

Joining the fun at Star Trek Online is easy and free. Just visit Star Trek Online, register for a free account and then download and install the game. Once you've done that, just log in with your new account and you're ready to discover the entire Star Trek Online universe.