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Creation, Nimoy Set to Touch Down in San Fran

Creation, Nimoy Set to Touch Down in San Fran

Creation Entertainment has lined up the perfect guest for their upcoming Star Trek 45th anniversary celebration convention in San Francisco: Leonard Nimoy. It was 25 years ago, of course, that Nimoy directed scenes for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, on location in San Francisco. The appearance by Nimoy will mark his first convention appearance since a recent health scare. In addition to taking the stage on Saturday to interact with fans in attendance at the Hyatt Regency, Nimoy will also be signing autographs, posing for photographs and leading one of his popular photography seminars.

Nimoy may be the weekend’s headliner, but it’s perhaps best to think of him as the brightest star in a galaxy of them that will be on hand throughout the weekend. Also scheduled to appear are Nichelle Nichols, Rene Auberjonois, Nana Visitor, Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Grace Lee Whitney, Gwynyth Walsh and Barbara March (in character as B’Etor and Lursa), Bobby Clark, Eric Menyuk and Jane Wiedlin.

Beyond the guest appearances, Creation has filled the weekend with special events. Saturday evening promises a Celebrity Cabaret, with Keating trying out his new stand-up comedy act, and Walsh and March performing as well. On Sunday morning, Visitor and Auberjonois will join fans at a Celebrity Breakfast, and later that afternoon they’ll team up for Cross Our Hearts: Poems and Prose Read by Nana and Rene. And there’s plenty more, including a trivia contest, makeup demonstration, Friday karaoke party, music video contest, costume parade and trivia challenge, as well as auctions, an appearance by Trek expert Richard Arnold, and celebrity autograph sessions.

"Coming back to San Francisco for the 45th anniversary is incredibly nostalgic for us as the Bay Area was so supportive of our early Star Trek conventions,” says Gary Berman of Creation Entertainment. “In particular, I remember having DeForest Kelley appear for us at one of our first events outside of New York City. Naturally, he was a huge smash hit and was just the nicest guy ever to work with. It was the start of a long and wonderful relationship that Creation had with De and (his wife) Carolyn. We really miss them at our events and they, along with Gene and Majel and Jimmy, of course, are always on our minds when we run Star Trek conventions nowadays. In particular, for the younger fans attending this upcoming convention, seeing Leonard Nimoy in person will be something that will resonate over time for them. He really is a show business legend and I know we're all going to give him a rousing reception as he returns to the convention scene.”

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