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Creating Anovos' Captain Spock Uniform

Creating Anovos' Captain Spock Uniform

This hero of the story is fittingly the inspiration for the first replica uniform we've created based on an Original Series cast film.

The term “Monster Maroon” has often been used to describe this costume and accurately so, due to its level of complexity to recreate. Anovos started actual development of this uniform two years ago, having to replicate all of the original components: fabric manufacturing, chain, and lapel clasps. Even the ship’s command badges and ranks were recreated to bring back the original look seen in 1982.

We replicated Captain Spock’s uniform so precisely that along the way we discovered details never before duplicated in the 32 years since the film’s release, such as his back security device, unique to his character, which is will be offered later and at a discounted price. Other details specific to the Captain Spock uniform include his specific command off-white lapel ( with hand-sewn chain on black trim) and captain rank pin for shoulder and forearm, and red pant stripe.

It may have taken some time, but without a doubt, we are truly proud to present Captain Spock, the culmination of two years worth of quality research and execution.

Sincerely,Joe SalcedoChief Executive OfficerANOVOS Productions