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Create Your Own Terran Empire Throne Plant Stand

Create Your Own Terran Empire Throne Plant Stand

Plants are seen all over Star Trek, especially in the crew quarters on The Next Generation. Headboards anyone? What remains to be seen is whether the Terran Empire would find value in plants besides some Borgia to perhaps poison an unsuspecting-enemy. Nevertheless, the throne of the Terran Empire is an ideal plant stand for decorating your own I.S.S. Charon. This craft doubles as an action-figure stand for those who don’t have a Boothby-level green thumb.

*Red Alert! This project is ranked a Lieutenant Level mission because sharp tools are required, so please use senior officer supervision, young cadets.

Supplies:Jar lid in desired size to fit plant base3 cork discsBlack acrylic paintWhite acrylic paintGold metallic paint markerX-Acto knifeE6000 Adhesive14 Bamboo Treat Sticks (found in baking section at Michael’s)Sheet of sandpaperCutting matSmall foam paint brushSmall paint brush

Step One:

Hand on paper


Measure and cut the cork discs to fit inside the jar lid using the X-acto knife on the cutting mat.

Step one drawing


Depending on the depth of your jar lid, you may only need two cork discs to fill it.

Step Two:

Drawing with hand


Protect your work surface with newspaper and paint the top cork disc black using the foam brush. Let dry for 1/2 an hour. Set aside.

Hand holding device


Paint the outer edge of your jar lid gold using the paint marker. Let dry and set aside for 1/2 an hour as well.

Step Three:

Using your sandpaper, sand down the flat heads of the bamboo treat sticks to stagger the height of the posts. Use even pressure and your own judgement on the length you prefer. Leave at least 2-4 sticks the height they came as.

Step Four:

Step 4


Paint all 14 bamboo treat sticks using the gold paint marker. Let dry for 1/2 an hour standing upright in styrofoam to avoid smudging. When dry, paint the flat heads of the sticks using your small paint brush and some white paint. This will appear to be the light source of the throne.

Step Five:

Step 5


Glue your cork discs together inside of the jar lid using your adhesive in a circular pattern.

Step Six:

Step 6


Push the bamboo sticks into the cork in a semi-circular pattern around the edge of the jar lid. Leave some space between the edge of the lid and the start of the cork, so the sticks will stand up straight and taut. In between each stick leave approximately 1 cm of distance depending on what size stand you're making. For larger stands, you can leave 1 inch in between the sticks. Note: Your tallest sticks should be in the back and the shortest sticks should be in the front to give the horseshoe effect.

Step Seven:

Once the sticks are in place you can place a small amount of adhesive in the base of the holes to ensure the sticks stay in place.

Step Eight:

Step 8


Using a small amount of white paint, place a dotted pattern around the base to represent the lights in the floor. Lastly, put your favorite plant or action figure in the center and place in a prominent position in your quarters for all to worship.

Mary Czerwinski is a Los Angeles-based crafter and host of an online DIY-series, Glue Guns & Phasers. She hosts crafting workshops at Star Trek conventions and local businesses. Czerwinski was featured in the Star Trek Craft Book.