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Comic-Con in Review - Day 2

Comic-Con in Review - Day 2

Klingons, Klingons, Klingons. It appears that a small army of them arrived at San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter trolley stop at the crack of dawn yesterday and must have looked on proudly as English-language directional signs gave way to Klingon-language signs. Yes, Klingon-language signs. Our guess is that they later invaded the Comic-Con floor, hunting down some good gagh and chech’tluth.

And here’s a little more of what we saw and heard at day two of Comic-Con:

Over at the Lightspeed Fine Arts booth (#3745), LeVar Burton of Star Trek: The Next Generation signed autographs for a long line of admirers and took a few moments to chat with Burton, asked if he ever missed Geordi’s infamous VISOR, elicited a chuckle when he replied that he still owns it and that one day it’ll probably put his now 16-year-old daughter through college. And he added, “You know the phrase, ‘How can I miss you if you never go away?’” Burton wondered. “That applies.” Meanwhile, also at the Lightspeed booth, the company introduced four new, original pieces of art featuring the crews and Klingons.

Our favorite sighting of the day: A TV reporter covering the show… wearing an Uhura uniform. Press people are usually impartial to a fault, but this lady certainly let everyone know where her loyalties lie.

Lastly, one of the world’s most devoted – and fictional, we should add – Star Trek fans was on hand signing autographs yesterday at the CBS booth: Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, better known as Jim Parsons. In fact, the whole BBT cast was there and about the only thing missing was Sheldon doing “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock.” We’re wondering if the cast hung around to get one of the limited-edition Star Trek watches. Then again, we’re not sure Sheldon would be all that thrilled with a Red Shirt watch.

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