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Chronicle Collectibles Unveils New Picard and Pike Busts

The creative director of Chronicle Collectibles shares why these are the perfect gift.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Captain Picard - Star Trek: Discovery - Captain Pike

Chronicle Collectibles has developed a reputation over the years as a creator of high-end pop culture collectibles, producing everything from scaled statues of treasured characters to full-scale prop replicas. The company's recent plunge into the world of Star Trek promises to bring bold new offerings to Trek enthusiasts worldwide. Their latest development is a range of 1:2-scale faux-bronze busts, with the intent to memorialize Starfleet’s most beloved heroes.

We sat down with Jared Chapman, Creative Director for Chronicle, to get an inside look at how these busts were conceived. Tell us a bit about Chronicle’s vision for these busts. What feelings or images do you hope they will evoke in collectors?

Chronicle Collectibles: We wanted to take an in-world approach to these pieces, envisioning a future museum or library where the heroes of Starfleet would be on display. Cadets, diplomats, and all manner of citizens walk the halls to find inspiration from those who promote the very best of the Federation. It’s important to us that collectors feel like they are displaying a piece of the Star Trek universe.

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Captain Picard

There’s a massive variety of collectible formats to choose from, offering multiple playgrounds in which creators can play. Can you share some thoughts and talking points that led to the decision to create a range of half-scale busts, as opposed to, say, 1/4-scale statues?

CC: Busts are a traditional format going back hundreds of years and often displayed in simple reverence to the subject. To me, they serve to speak to the subject’s broader virtues and deeds. Statues on the other hand often root their subject in very specific time or event of note, we wanted the busts to speak for the characters themselves.

There are a massive number of Starfleet officers that are of great renown, and the characters are often as beloved as the actors who bring them to life. Talk a bit about the qualities of Jean-Luc Picard and Christopher Pike that led to Chronicle offering them up as the inaugural pieces in the line.

CC: For over 30 years, Jean-Luc Picard has shown us the qualities of a true captain. Despite his traumas and trials, his wisdom and confidence as a strong leader will always galvanize those around him. Christopher Pike carries himself with a poise and tenacity we expect of a 23rd century starship captain. He’s cool and professional and inspires loyal admiration from his crew. Both Captains uphold the very best of the Federation and Starfleet.

Star Trek: Discovery - Captain Pike

Christopher Pike has been portrayed by a variety of actors. What qualities did Anson Mount bring to the role that led Chronicle to select his portrayal of the character to be represented?

CC: Pike is a fascinating character because we all know his eventual fate. As of the latest season of Star Trek: Discovery, he knows that fate, too. Pike responded to that revelation in the purest Star Trek fashion: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.” Anson Mount’s portrayal of a character knowing his destiny, embracing it and continuing on with courage and determination was beautiful, and wholly convincing, and we felt it was worth being memorialized.

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