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Check Out This Trekked-Out House

Check Out This Trekked-Out House

If you're blessed with time, money, creativity and a love of Star Trek, you might just want to follow in the footsteps of Marc Bell. The financier, at a cost of $1.5 million, transformed his home into a living, breathing shrine to Star Trek. He's got a bridge, doors that operate like turbolifts, a Borg regeneration chamber, captain's chairs and more, much more, including a tricked-out (or is that Trekked-out?) home theater and a million dollars worth of Star Trek memorabila (including pairs of Leonard Nimoy's Spock ears).

“Everything you see in the room is custom, down to the little architectural details,” the 48-year-old Bell told the Wall Street Journal in a recent profile about him and his unique abode in Boca Raton, Florida. He became a Trek fan at the age of 10, after catching a 24-hour Trek marathon. "I was fascinated with the show," he said, "and it has set off a chain of events throughout my whole life.”

According to the WSJ article, Bell's wife Jennifer considers his obsession "cute," he said. "As long as I don't wear Nimoy's ears around the house, we're good." And his three kids profess no real interest in the house or Trek, "but they like the reclining seats."

And, yes, he's excited for Star Trek Beyond. However, the WSJ noted, he won't be watching it on his home screen. Rather, he'll continue a 25-year-long tradition of renting out a local movie theater for each Star Trek big-screen release and inviting his employees, friends and their kids to opening night. “Our theater only holds 11 people,” he said. “The next one will be bigger.”