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Check Out The Trio Of Samsung Commercials Featuring Star Trek

Check Out The Trio Of Samsung Commercials Featuring Star Trek

Have you seen Samsung's latest TV spots? They're a blast from the past and include tips of the cap to Star Trek. There are actually three commercials. The first is called "Battlestar Marathon." It features a father and son on their couch, where they've been for a long time, having watched days worth of Battlestar Galactica episodes. They're trying to decide what to watch next when their TV, a Samsung Smart TV, makes a suggestion. And what flies by but The Original Series Enterprise.

The second spot is for Samsung Galaxy Gear and it's called "A Long Time Coming." It features iconic images of familiar faces using futuristic watch/wrist communication devices. So there are snippets from Get Smart, The Flintstones, Knight Rider and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (a scene with Kirk and Spock).

Finally, there's "Evolution," another Samsung Gear spot. It displays close-ups of popular movie and TV wristbound communications devices and features dialogue bits from those movies and shows. The sounds come from The Jetsons, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Inspector Gadget, Predator and Star Trek (voice of Kirk, circa TMP).

Which spot do you like best?