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CHECK IT OUT: More Shatner-Nimoy Spots For Volkswagen Germany

CHECK IT OUT: More Shatner-Nimoy Spots For Volkswagen Germany

Volkswagen Germany's multi-platform #vwfuture campaign linking Star Trek and VW's futuristic electric cars kicked off earlier this month with a memorable commercial involving a young Star Trek fan meeting William Shatner, with Shatner and the boy -- driving a Volkwagen e-Golf -- then crossing paths with Leonard Nimoy, who was behind the wheel of a concept car. Volkswagen Germany has just released several new spots with Shatner and Nimoy and has gathered them altogether here.In one, called "Trek Check 1," they talk about beaming and jetlag.

In "Trek Check 2," they chat about the virtues of the new Volkswagen car and the relaxing nature of the Vulcan nerve pinch.

Another, shorter spot, features Shatner, selfie-style, extolling the virtues of the Volkswagen e-Golf electric car.

And in the fourth and most-charming spot, "Shatner Walkthrough," Shatner interacts with the young Trek fan in the main commercial, visiting the boy's Trek memorabilia-laden room and reminiscing about Tribbles and phasers.

Keep an eye on for additional tidbits from the #vwfuture campaign.